Pool Booking Policies









Unionville Athletic Club strives to provide all our members a safe and enjoyable experience. To ensure fairness and accessibility, we have established the following pool booking policies:




  • Booking Limit: Members are welcome to book one 30-minute pool session per day. This allows all members equitable access to our pool facilities.
  • Hygiene Protocol: We ask all members to shower before entering the pool. Proper hygiene helps us uphold our pool area's cleanliness and sanitation standards.
  • Multiple Bookings: Please note that multiple daily booking sessions are not permitted. This policy ensures that as many members can enjoy our pool facilities.
  • Cancellation Procedure: If you need to cancel a pool booking, we require members to contact the club. This helps us manage our pool schedule effectively and avoid unnecessary no-shows. Failure to cancel appointments may result in applicable no-show fees.








Thank you for being so cooperative in following these pool booking policies. We appreciate your support in creating a positive experience for all our members.