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When it comes to your health, Unionville Athletic Club wants you at the top of your game. Our qualified personal trainers will develop a program that will help you find an even balance between nutrition and fitness to improve and support your health.

Personal Training Options Personal Training Options

Our highly skilled trainers will design a program that will help you reduce your need for medication, lower your risk for chronic diseases, increase your energy and help you recover from an injury.

Our state-of-the-art gym offers you a safe environment to work on your fitness and nutritional goals with your trainer. Our trainers specialize in a variety of areas such as weight loss management, body strengthening and conditioning and pre-and post-natal programs.

How a Personal Trainer Can Help

Staying motivated and encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Having a partner to help you stay on track is important, and a personal trainer is both qualified and excited to do this for you. We will create a developmental plan that will help you make the most out of your sessions, pushing you to do more while still listening to your daily needs and current fitness level. A trainer can also help you gain knowledge on proper workout techniques, offer nutrition advice and help you learn how to change your whole lifestyle by focusing on strengthening your mind and body.

In addition, we can work with almost any medical condition. Contact us at (905) 470-2400 for more information about our personal training program or to schedule a consultation.